Allen Pepperboxes

The pepperbox was the first widely successful repeating handgun. During the period from early 1830s to 1860s, company manufactured over 50 different variations of revolving pepperbox-type pistol. They were commercially quite successful and actually competed successfully with Colt revolving handguns for more than a decade. Widely used throughout United States, as well as Mexico and during our Civil War.They are widely collectible, because of the number of variations that exist. Potential collector should avail himself of information available on the subject. Most Allen pepperboxes are double-action only, where a cluster of barrels rotates for a new shot each time the trigger is pulled. They will be found marked Allen, Thurber & Co.; Allen & Thurber; and Allen & Wheelock. The bar-hammer models usually have “Allen’s Patent” marked on the hammer, and some of these will be found with distributor markings and no other Allen markings. There are many variations, all of which will effect value. Some include: Location of manufacture, marked on barrel with company name: - Grafton, Mass., 1830s-1842, worth premium - Norwich, C-T, 1842-1847 - Worcester, Mass., 1847-1865 Trigger type: - Traditional trigger and triggerguard - Ring-trigger Hammer system: - Bar-hammer, double-action only - Hammerless (concealed-hammer) double-action only - There is one single-action model with a shotgun-style hammer Size – Variations in caliber, number of shots, and barrel length are known: - Dainty -.28 cal. 6-shot, Grafton only, 2.75” to 3” barrels, worth premium - Small or Pocket - .25, .28, .31 or .34 cal.; four- five- or six-shots depending on caliber, 2.5” to 5” barrels - Standard or Medium – usually .31 or .32 cal., five or six-shot, 3” to 5” barrels - Dragoon - .36 cal. 6-shot, large frame, 5.5” to 6” barrels, worth premium - With or without nipple shield
There are a number of subdivisions among these three basic groups, that would pertain to trigger type, size, barrel length, etc. It would be impossible to cover all 50 of these variations in a text of this type. We strongly suggest a qualified individual
Gun Type: Handgun
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