Turbiaux Le Protector

Ames Sword Co., became one of three U.S. companies that produced this unique French palm-squeezer pistol. Design consists of a round disk, with protruding barrel on one side and lever on the other. Disk contains a cylinder that holds seven 8mm rimfire or ten 6mm rimfire cartridges. Barrel protrudes between fingers and lever trigger is squeezed to fire the weapon. Design was patented in 1883 and sold successfully in France into 1890s. In 1892, Peter Finnegan bought the patents and brought them to Ames Sword. He contracted with them to produce 25,000 pistols for Minneapolis Firearms Company. After approximately 1,500 were delivered, Finnegan declared insolvency and after litigation, Ames secured full patent rights. Ames Company produced Protector Revolvers until at least 1917. (See Chicago Firearms Co. and Minneapolis Firearms Co.)
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000