Bergmann Bayard Model 1908

Shortly after receiving Spanish contract for Mars pistol, Bergmann's arrangement with Schilling to produce Bergmann pistols ended. However, he negotiated an arrangement with Anciens Establishment Pieper (Bayard) to produce Mars and after some minor modifications, AEP filled the Spanish contract. They also marketed the gun commercially and later secured a production contract from Danish Army as Model 1910. Spanish contract (proofed with a small circle divided into three segments) and very early commercial pistols have hard rubber grips that proved very fragile in service; these bring a premium as do original unmodified Danish contract guns (with a contract number and Danish letter D proof). A few Model 1908 Bergmann Bayards were equipped with leather and wood holster stocks; a complete rig is worth at least twice the price of an unslotted pistol.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000