Muzzleloading Carbine

Overall length 37.5"; barrel length 22"; caliber .58. Markings: "P/CS" on upper left of barrel near breech; "CSA" on top near breech. Modeled after Springfield U.S. M1855 rifle carbine. Bilharz, Hall & Co. muzzle-loading carbine has often been mistakenly identified as a product of D.C. Hodgkins & Sons of Macon, Georgia. Serial numbers (found internally) belie that identification. Instead these arms are part of deliveries made to Richmond from middle of 1863 until March 1864. Serial numbers, noted in excess of 700, suggest that about 1,000 were produced. Two basic types, earlier (through serial number 300) were made with brass nosecaps; later type (about serial number 310 through at least 710) have pewter nosecaps on short fore-stock; neither type affects value. Expert authentication recommended. Values are speculative.
Gun Type: Blackpowder
Very Good$0000