Texas Ranger Walker Model of 1847

This model is a replica of the famous blackpowder pistol that played a big role in the Mexican-American war and the history of Texas. Ranger Captain Samuel Walker collaborated with Samuel Colt to design a revolver powerful enough to take down an enemy or his horse. The huge six-round weapon had a 9-inch .44-caliber barrel and has often been described as the gun that put Colt on the map. Introduced in 2018, this model is to be manufactured only for five years, commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Texas Rangers in 2023. A portion of Cimarron's revenue from the sale of these Walker models will be donated to the Former Texas Ranger Foundation, founded in 1971 to serve current and former Texas Rangers and their families. Model No. CA020 with standard blue, charcoal blue (+$91), and original finish ($130).
Gun Type: Revolver
Very Good$0000