1st Model Dragoon .44, 7 1/2"

6-shot, .44 caliber. With the 1847 Walker's military success, Colt immediately began improving his revolver by making needed changes. First in his line of his improved "revolving horse pistols" was the 1st Model Dragoon. Improvements included a loading lever catch under the barrel, which was also shortened from 9" to 7" inches, and the Dragoon's cylinder was reduced by 1/4", bringing the sixgun's overall weight from 4 pounds 9 ounces, down to 4 pounds 2 ounces. Cimarron's 1st Model Dragoon has oval cylinder stop notches, square-back brass triggerguard and backstrap, German silver blade front sight and notched hammer lip rear sight, the "Ranger and Indian" scene roll engraved on the blued cylinder and the oiled walnut one-piece Walker-style grip. The part round/part octagonal barrel is also blued while the loading lever assembly, frame and hammer are color casehardened, and Cimarron's Dragoon uses the improved flat main spring. Model No. CA080 with standard blue, charcoal blue (+$70), and original finish ($100).
Very Good$0000