Crescent Certified Shotgun NFA, Curio or Relic

Crescent Certified Shotgun is a .410 smooth bore pistol with 12.25" barrel. Manufactured from approximately 1930 to 1932 by Crescent-Davis Arms Corp., Norwich, Connecticut, and possibly thereafter until 1934 by J. Stevens Arms Co., which purchased the company. In various distributor catalogs, it is termed "Ever-Ready" Model 200 and advertised with a blued frame. Specimens have been observed with "tiger-stripe" (like an H&R Handy-Gun) or Colt SAA or Winchester-type case-hardening. Total production is unknown but serial numbers ranging from 1305 to 3262 have been observed, suggesting it may have been fewer than 4,000. Treasury Department ruled .410 Crescent to be a "firearm" in the "any other weapon" category under NFA in 1934, when its retail price was about $11.

Barrel is marked proof tested .410 gauge on top and 2-1/2 IN SHELLS on the middle left side. Receiver's left side is stamped crescent certified shotgun/crescent-davis arms corporation/norwich, conn., u.s.a. Earliest guns also have .410 stamped at the top of the left side of the receiver near the breech, but this marking does not appear on later guns. It is a rather heavy (57 oz. unloaded) handgun. NOTE: Add $100 to $300 for original cardboard box. IMPORTANT! This gun is considered a Class III firearm by the Federal Government. This means that it is illegal to possess unless it has been previously registered with the BATFE. Any transfer must be registered with the BATFE. There is currently no way to legally register an unregistered Class III firearm.
Gun Type: Shotgun
Very Good$0000