Engraving Pattern Descriptions (Older Discontinued Patterns)

S2—Traditional fully engraved fine English scroll, with coverage highlighting selected areas of receiver and fore-end metal. Wood grade AA.

S3—Traditional hand-engraved scroll, with some open areas around scroll coverage on receiver and fore-end metal. Wood grade AAA.

S4—Traditional full coverage, intricate and high in detail. Patterns may be English, German or game scene. Wood grade AAAA.

S5—Grade S4 patterns with animals inlaid in 24k gold. Wood grade AAAA.

S4E—Extremely high detail scenes and elaborate ornamental work, where subject matter is selected by customer. Wood grade AAAAA.

S5E—Similar to S4E level, but with raised or flush gold inlay work. Wood grade AAAAA.

SXO—Best work by world's best engravers. Museum quality. Wood grade AAAAAA.
Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle