R 61

This improved version of RK 59 was identical with its two-tone appearance, however, Hungary's engineers at FEG learned that a one percent mix of Titanium sufficiently hardened the aluminum frame to withstand the stress of the somewhat high velocity 9mm Makarov cartridge. The seven-shot pistol was officially replaced for the military upon introduction of the PA 63 in 1964. Production continued into the 1970s and it was used mainly by police organizations during that time. Imported primarily in the 1990s by the now defunct KBI of Harrisburg, PA, some R 61 pistols were re-chambered to use the .380 ACP cartridge with most marked as such on the exposed chamber. Deduct 20 percent for such conversions. As with the RK 59, it is comparable in size to the Walther PPK.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000