Pinfire Revolver

In the mid-19th century, Francotte was a major producer of pinfire revolvers. Developed at a time when self-contained metallic cartridges were rapidly gaining popularity over slow-loading percussion revolvers, the pinfire system competed with the rimfire, and both preceded the centerfire system. Pinfire revolvers enjoyed broad popularity in Europe for several decades. Francotte made a variety of pinfire handguns. Values here are for large caliber six-shot revolvers. High capacity revolvers, revolvers with attached folding knife bayonets, exceptionally engraved revolvers, and pinfire pepperbox revolvers may bring large premiums. Smaller-caliber revolvers will bring less. Readers with more information on Francotte pinfire revolver models, variations, and pricing are invited to submit their info to the editor for consideration in future editions. Also see listing for LeFaucheux pinfire revolvers.
Very Good$0000