HAMR 2.0

Calibers: .375 CheyTac. Barrel: 30 in. Carbon wrapped, threaded, with aggressive Cadex MX1 muzzle brake. Weight: 21.25 lbs. standard, total package. Stock: Cadex Defence Dual Strike tactical folding chassis-style with adjustable LOP. Sights: Comes standard with user option of scope (Kahles K525i, Leupold Mk 5HD, Revic PMR 428) on a 40 MOA mount. Features: Bolt-action ultra-long-range rifle built as a complete ELR system capable of shooting over two miles. The upgraded 2.0 version includes a carbon-wrapped barrel, new optic choices, and finish options. Included Elite Iron bipod encircles the centerline of the bore. Timney trigger set at 2.5 lbs. Prices increase significantly as options are added for custom factory builds. Long-range data package available.
Very Good$0000