Spur-Trigger Revolvers

Made in a wide variety of configurations in .22, .30, .32, .38, and .41 rimfire under the H&A name and a wide variety of trade names, the most common of which include XL, Blue Jacket, Ranger, Czar Most of these model names would include a number usually indicating the frame size and caliber, for example In XL’s, No.1 or No. 1 ½ - .22 rimfire, No. 2 - .30 or .32 rimfire, No. 3 - .32 rimfire, No. 4 or No. 5- .38 rimfire, and No. 6 - .41 rimfire. Factors that may bring a premium over the prices listed include ornate decoration, unusual configuration, large caliber, or colorful trade name. Substantial premium for long-barrel revolving rifle variation with detachable stock, usually Czar Pocket Rifle, Ranger, and Chichester. Another trade name used was Dictator, which had also been used on the more valuable open-top percussion model listed earlier.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000