Knickerbocker Pistol NFA

Knickerbocker is a 14" double-barreled 20-gauge smoothbore pistol, manufactured by Crescent Fire Arms Co. of Norwich, Connecticut. On the basis of its hammerless design and dates of production of similarly designed firearms by Crescent, the Knickerbocker was probably manufactured sometime during early 1900s. Receiver is case-hardened and barrels are nickel-plated. Right side of receiver stamped "AMERICAN GUN CO./ NEW YORK U S A"; left side "KNICKERBOCKER". Probably was intended for law enforcement and/or defensive purposes and manufactured using the same techniques used to produce Ithaca Auto & Burglar Gun. Receiver fitted with checkered pistol-grip, resembling that of Model 1 and Model 2 smoothbore H&R Handy-Gun. Only known specimen of Knickerbocker bears serial number 200114. Knickerbocker was classified as "any other weapon" under NFA in 1934, because it was originally designed as "a so-called shotgun with a pistol-grip"; because it is concealable (see Treasury Department ruling S.T. 772, dated August 6, 1934). Its rarity precludes being able to reliably estimate its value at this time. Possession is illegal unless registered with the BATFE.
Gun Type: Handgun