Kynoch Schlund Revolver

This unusual design was a top-break, auto-eject hammerless (concealed hammer) revolver, with two triggers. The lower trigger that served to rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer while the upper trigger fired the revolver in single-action mode. At least some of the models can be fired by a very heavy pull on the upper trigger. On the early guns, the lower cocking trigger extends below the triggerguard, and on the later models it is inside the large triggerguard, above and in front of the firing trigger. Calibers reported include .476, .450, .43, .380, and .320, with frame sizes appropriate to the chamberings. These guns are rarely encountered and rarely sold, so estimated values are a bit speculative. Large frame/large caliber brings a premium over smaller revolvers. Detachable wire shoulder stock adds 50% to 100% to value.
Very Good$0000