East German Luger Rework, aka VOPO

Imported between 1996 and 1999, primarily by Miltex of La Plata, Maryland. These Russian re-worked 9mm Luger pistols, were the first surplus Lugers imported to the United States since 1960s military surplus boom. Primarily captured by Soviet troops during WWII, these Lugers may be found with original matching or non-matching numbers. Many were re-marked by the Russians, with examples having re-stamped matching numbers done by steel die or electro penciling. Issued to East German military and Volks Polizei (hence the People's Police, nickname VOPO), most had the walnut grips removed by the Russians, and were stored in barrels of oil to preserve them until they were re-issued to the German Democratic Republic in 1946. It is believed they were removed from East German service by 1958. Black-lined hard rubber or plastic grips made both in Russia and Hungary were fitted to these pistols, as well as the more commonly encountered, East German-made brown checkered plastic grips that has a target-style design at the top. Many VOPO Lugers have Nazi Waffenampt "scrubbed" or a remaining Reich's Eagle with an obliterated swastika. Many are found with no German proofs at all. Snubbed by collectors at first, they now have a following and are a complete area of Luger collecting all to their own. Some re-barreled examples have an East German Crown over N marking on lower barrel, reflecting a replacement.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000

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