East German Makarov

Similar to Russian made variant, however the blue finish is of a higher quality. Manufactured at Ernst Thaelmann state factory from 1958 (very rare) to 1965. Black plastic checkered grips are without the Soviet star. Identified by a "K100" in a rectangle on left frame adjacent to a small circle in a triangle. Serial number is on both left slide and frame, plus last two digits of manufacture year. Internal parts are serial numbered. A post-unification-made version produced with leftover parts marked SIMON SUHL/THUR is highly desirable and can bring a 50 percent premium, depending on condition. Often considered the "Colt" of Makarov pistols. The Borsig pistol is also reported as a variation of the East German Makarov. If a reader can confirm the existence and values of Borsig pistols in the American collector market, please advise the editor.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000