Marble's Game Getter Gun—NFA, curio or relic

Marble's suspended sales of Game Getter in United States after Treasury Department ruled it was a "firearm" under NFA, but continued sales abroad. Retail price in 1934 was about $24 (12" or 15" barrels) to $26 (18" barrels). Bureau of Internal Revenue removed 18" barrel variation from NFA in a Letter Ruling dated March 1, 1939. Today, 12" and 15" barrel variations are controlled under NFA in "any other weapon" category. If shoulder stock is removed from a 12", 15" or 18" barreled Game Getter, however, ATF has ruled it to be a NFA "firearm" subject to a $200 transfer tax. IMPORTANT! This gun is considered a Class III firearm by the Federal Government. This means that it is illegal to possess unless it has been previously registered with the BATFE. Any transfer must be registered with the BATFE. There is currently no way to legally register an unregistered Class III firearm.
Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle