Marble's Game Getter Pistol and other special-order or experimental Game Getters—NFA, curio or relic

Contemporary articles and advertisements in Hunter-Trader-Trapper and some early Marble's catalogs, state that a small number of Model 1908 Game Getters were originally manufactured (with rifled barrels) for .25-20, .32-20 and .38-40 cartridges. An illustrated advertisement in a 1910 issue of Hunter-Trapper-Trader states that 12", 15" and 18" barrel Game Getters were available for delivery in .25-20, .32-20 and .38-40 and that these firearms were designed as over/under rifles with rifled barrels. An article in October 1913 issue of Outdoor Life states that Marble's was manufacturing a Game Getter pistol, with 10" barrels and that any barrel length could be ordered.

Original factory records have confirmed the manufacture of foregoing Game Getters and clarified their designs. All original guns are thus correctly classified as experimental or special-order guns and all are extremely rare. Factory records disclose that about 20 each of Model 1908 were manufactured with .22/25-20 and .22/.32-20 over/under rifled barrels, but barrel lengths are not specified. No .22/.38-40 Model 1908 Game Getters are listed in factory records, but that may not have precluded a later factory alteration to that configuration. It is important to note that any Model 1908 Game Getter with over/under rifled barrels less than 18" in length is currently subject to registration under NFA as a short barreled rifle, with a $200 transfer tax. Under current law, if these firearms are not registered they are contraband and cannot be legally owned unless ATF administratively removes them from NFA as collector's items.

Factory records disclose that eight Model 1908 Game Getter pistols were manufactured and all were shipped to a Minneapolis hardware store. Two specimens have been located: serial number 3810, with a 8" .22/.44 smoothbore barrel, and serial number 3837, with a 10" .22/.44 smoothbore barrel. Inspection of serial numbers 3810 and 3837 (including removal of grips) reveal they were never fitted with shoulder stocks, because the portion of frame which would have accommodated the stock was never machined out to receive one. Under current law, an original Marble's Game Getter pistol is subject to registration under NFA as an "Any Other Weapon" with a $5 transfer tax. According to very incomplete factory records, a relatively small number—about a dozen—Model 1921 Game Getters were manufactured with .22/.38-40 rifled barrels, but barrel lengths are not specified. It is possible that other factory-original configurations exist, such as .22/.25-20 and others.
Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle