Model 62 Levermatic

Similar in appearance to Model 57, except chambered for centerfire .256 Magnum cartridge, with 4-shot magazine. In 1966, .30 carbine cartridge was added. This model has a 23" "MicroGroove" barrel, with open sights and walnut one-piece stock. First 4,000 Model 62s were shipped without serial numbers in violation of federal law. Company recalled rifles for numbering; and to this day, owner of a centerfire Model 62 can return rifle for numbering. Manufactured 15,714 between 1963 and 1969. NOTE: Add 15 percent for .256. From 1969 to 1972, first digit of serial number indicates year of manufacture. In 1973, system was changed by having first two digits subtracted from 100 to find year of production. For example: 2717793=100-27=1973.
Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle
Very Good$0000