Targo Smoothbore Series

Early 1940s, Mossberg produced a series of bolt-action .22 rimfire rifles, with smoothbore barrels. Rifles were mainly designed for clay target game called Targo, in which shooters used .22 LR shot ammunition. Game never achieved much popularity. Rifled barrel section several inches long could be attached to muzzle, which allowed use of standard ammunition. Some models came with a smoothbore attachment that extended length of barrel. Other accessories included clay target launcher that attached to barrel, case designed for rifle and supply of small clay targets. There were several model variations: single shot (Model 26T), two repeater models with 7-round magazines (42T and 42TR) and fourth version with an extended 15-round clip (B42T). Most of these rifles were produced from 1940-1942 and again in late '40s, after WWII. Two models were introduced briefly in early 1960s, Model 320TR single shot and 340TR repeater. NOTE: Add 50 percent for original case and all original accessories; 20 percent for Model 26T or B42T0 rarest models of this series.
Gun Type: Rimfire Rifle
Very Good$0000