Model 48 Custom

A bolt-action rifle offered in most popular calibers, including the manufacturer's proprietary cartridges: 22 Nosler (.223), 26 Nosler (6.5), 28 Nosler (7mm), 30 Nosler (.308) and 33 Nosler (.338). Other calibers from .243 Win. to .458 Win. Magnum. Every Model 48 Custom Rifle includes these features: upgraded Match-grade, stainless steel, hand-lapped barrel, custom 3-pound trigger pull, glass and stainless steel pillar bedding, Kevlar carbon fiber stock, Cerakote and Micro Slick metal finish, accuracy test with prescribed Nosler ammunition guaranteed .75" or better 3-shot groups at 100 yards, or 1" for belted Magnums and calibers .35 and up. Options include a choice of several stock colors, two or three-position safety, barrel lengths from 20" to 26", muzzle-brake, iron sights, left-hand action. All optional items at additional cost. Several package variants have been produced including Leupold or Swarvoski optics. In addition to the variations of the Model 48 listed below, Nosler has recently offered the following, with MSRP: Model 48 Mountain Carbon Rifle - $3,140 Model 48 Liberty - $1,935 Model 48 Long Range Rifle - $2,675 Model 48 LR Carbon Long Range Rifle - $3,190 Model 48 Independence Handgun – single shot bolt action.
Gun Type: Centerfire Rifle
Very Good$0000