LeNovo Folding Revolver

Also found marked “Novo.” Unique small hammerless (concealed hammer) double-action revolver with folding trigger and folding grip patented by D.D. Oury in 1909. Lever on right side releases barrel so cylinder and barrel may be removed for loading and unloading. Made by various Belgian makers, reportedly including Ancion Marx, Bertrand Jules, Francotte, Galand, G. Riga, Henrion, H. Mahillon, Dassy et Heuschen, Scholberg, and possibly others. Manufacturer name may not appear on revolver but Oury patent is usually stamped in the metal. Five-shot 6.35mm (.25ACP) or six-shot 5mm Novo (rare.) Metal grip has ornate decoration usually including LENOVO or NOVO marking. Engraving, if present, may add to value.
Very Good$0000