FB P-64

Polish semi-automatic, straight blowback pistol in 9mm Makarov caliber. Produced from 1964 to 1983. P-64 replaced older Polish-made PW wz.33, a licensed Tokarev copy, and was manufactured by Fabrika Broni in Radom, Poland. This 6-shot pistol has a 3.3" barrel and is very similar in size to the Walther PPK. Also similar mechanically, but no external slide latch is present, as empty magazine locks the slide in the open position. Major drawback is its heavy felt recoil, replaced in 1984. Huge quantities have been imported to the United States from the late 2000s until recently. Features a blue finish, plastic wrap-around grips, marked "P-64" and "9mm" on left slide flat. Serial number and date of manufacture on right side.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000