FB P-83

Superbly made replacement for older P-64, the P-83 is an 8-shot 9mm Makarov caliber, straight blowback semi-automatic pistol, with large comfortable lined wrap-around rubber grips. Also known as Vanad pistol, it is dimensionally similar to the Russian Makarov. (Vanad is a reference to vanadium, an alloy used to strengthen steel). Produced at the Polish Fabrika Broni factory. Has a 3.5" barrel, with a unique take-down system by which the trigger guard slides forward, as opposed to being pulled down as required on most Makarov-size pistols. P-83 was used by Polish forces in the Yugoslav and Iraq Wars, and is still a reserve issue item in Polish military and police forces. Imported to the United States beginning in late 2000s.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000