High-quality double-action semi-automatic pistol chambered for .38 Super, .45 ACP and 9mm Parabellum. Has 4.41" barrel and fixed sights. Features decocking lever that was found originally on Sauer Model 38H. Two versions of this Pistol--one with bottom magazine release (commonly referred to as European model); other with release on side (commonly referred to as American model), as on Model 1911 Colt. Frame is lightweight alloy, matte-finished and available in blue, nickel or K-Kote finish. Black plastic grips. .45 ACP magazine capacity 7 rounds, weight 25.7 oz.; .38 Super magazine capacity 9 rounds, weight 26.5 oz.; 9mm magazine holds 9 rounds, overall weight 26.5 oz. Manufactured from 1976 and still in production. The 9mm and .38 Super versions are no longer in production. Prices listed are for guns with standard blue finish. Note: Add $40 K-Kote finish; $40 nickel slide; $100 stainless steel. In 2004, a blued version with tactical rail was offered.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000
Cutline: P220 with tactical rail.