Third Model Russian (New Model)

Model 3 Russian 3rd ModelThis revolver is also known as "New Model Russian". Factory referred to this model as Model of 1874 or Cavalry Model. Chambered for .44 S&W Russian and .44 Henry rimfire cartridge. Barrel is 6.5" and round butt is the same humped-back affair as 2nd Model. Grips are walnut and finish blue or nickel plated. Most notable differences in appearance between this model and 2nd Model are shorter extractor housing under the barrel and integral front sight blade instead of pinned-on one found on previous models. In addition to S&W production for the commercial market and Russian military, the German firm of Ludwig and Lowe and the Russian Tula arsenal made copies of this gun for the Russian military. These and other variations impact values. Refer to Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson available at for details. Approximately 60,638 manufactured between 1874 and 1878. Variations include: Japanese Navy, anchor with 2 wavy lines marked – 10% premium; .44 Henry Rimfire. Turkish contract or commercial – 25% premium; Russian Contract Cyrillic marked - Made by S&W – 10% premium; Made by Ludwig & Loewe – 10% premium; Made by Tula Russian arsenal – 20% premium
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000

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