Schofield Surplus Models and Variations

Distributor modifications — After military use, many Schofields were sold as surplus and modified by distributers, who sometimes refinished the guns and shortened the barrel to 5”. These modified guns will bring less than guns in original configuration, perhaps 50% of what an original unaltered Schofield will bring. Wells Fargo — The famous Wells Fargo Express Company purchased a number of these shortened 5” barrel surplus Schofields and marked them on the ejector housing “W F & CO (or CO’S) EXP” along with the gun’s serial number. These “Wells Fargo Schofields” will bring close to the value of an original unaltered US Schofield. Beware of fake markings. San Francisco Police — Some Schofields are found with large 2- or 3-digit numbers stamped near the top of the backstrap. These have traditionally been “San Francisco Police” models, sent to California at the time of the Sandlot Riots. They will bring a slight premium. Civilian Models — See comments at 1st and 2nd Model Schofield listings above.
Gun Type: Handgun

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