Pocket Pistol

A 7.65mm semi-automatic pistol similar to "Beholla", "Leonhardt" and "Menta". Stenda took over production of Beholla pistol design at the end of WWI. Only major difference in Stenda design was elimination of Beholla's worst feature, the pin that went through slide and retained the barrel. Replaced by a sliding catch that anchored it in place and unlocked the slide so barrel could be removed without the need of a vise and drift pin. Stenda pistol can be identified by the fact there are no holes through the slide and there is a catch on the frame above the trigger. Finish blued with plastic grips; slide marked "Waffenfabrik Stendawerke Suhl". Approximately 25,000 made before production ceased in 1926.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000