An improved variant of the T3 series. Offered with choice of a wood, laminate, or synthetic modular stock, the latter with interchangeable pistol grips, a new recoil pad, and butt plate spacers to adjust the length of pull. The fore-end width is also adjustable. Other changes include a redesigned ejection port, improved bolt shroud and rail attachment. Offered in virtually any popular chambering from .204 Ruger to .300 WSM. There are several variations including Forest, Hunter, Varmint, Lite and Tactical models; all are guaranteed to deliver one minute-of-angle accuracy. Left-hand models are available. Prices shown are for Forest Model (shown). Add 10 percent for Varmint version, 20 percent for Laminate Stainless, 35 percent for Tactical Compact model.
Very Good$0000