Walther 1936 Olympia

Semi-automatic target pistol in .22-caliber resembled earlier 1932 Olympia, but with many improvements. There were four standard models produced with many variations of each one. These variations included many barrel lengths, both round and octagon. There were duraluminum slides, frames and triggers. Various weight configurations as many as four separate weights to one gun. One-piece wrap-around checkered wood grips in different configurations for the individual shooter. Produced until 1944. NOTE: Prices are for Standard Model. Add $500 for Pentathlon or Hunter; $300 for Rapid Fire; $750 for weights. The four models were:
1. Funfklamph Pentathlon
2. Jagerschafts—Hunter
3. Sport or Standard Model
4. Schnellfeur—Rapid Fire
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000
Cutline: Olympia without weights