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Type Two Model 38-H (H Model)Type Three 38-H Model (H Model)Type Four 38-H Model (H Model)Type Five Model 38 & H Model PistolsSauer Model 1913 Second SeriesPost Wwi And Wwii VariationsModel 1930 VariationsBehorden ModelModel 38 And 38-H (H Model) Variations

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Bolt-Action RifleModel S202 ForestH Model - Type TwoModel S202 HardwoodH Model - Type ThreeH Model - Type FourModel S202 MatchModel 38Model 38Model 38Model 38Model S202 OutbackModel 38First VariationSecond VariationModel S202 Team SauerModel 90Model 90 StutzenModel 90 SafariModel 90 SupremeSsg-3000Model 200Sg 550 SniperLuftwaffe M30 Survival DrillingModel 3000 DrillingModel 54 ComboModel 60Royal ModelGrade I ArtemisGrade II ArtemisModel 200 LightweightModel 66Bär PistolRoth-Sauer ModelModel 200 LuxCommercial VariationPolice VariationsR.F.V. (Reich Finanz Verwaltung)Model 200 Carbon FiberImperial Military VariationsParamilitary Marked Sauer Pistols of the 1925-35 PeriodNorwegian Police Usage, Post WwiiModel 19 In 6.35mmModel 202 Supreme1926 Export ModelW.T.M.-Westentaschen Model—vest Pocket ModelDutch ModelsModel 202 Takedown1930 Commercial ModelBehorden CommercialModel S202 WolverineLate Behorden CommercialDuralumin Model (Dural)Duralumin Model (Dural)Police ModelsModel S202 HighlandModel 38Model 38Model 38Model 38 Pistols Converted To H Models By Sauer FactoryModel 38-H Or H Model