Model 27 (.357 Magnum)

.357 Magnum. In 1948, after the end of WWII, production of this revolver again commenced with a new rebound slide-operated hammer block and short throw hammer were utilized. Barrel lengths offered were 3.5, 5, 6, 6.5 and 8.375 in. In 1957, model designation was changed to Model 27. In 1975, target trigger, hammer and Goncalo Alves target grips were made standard. Some additional variations may be of interest to the collector. Around serial number SI71584, the three-screw sideplate model was first produced. In 1960, designation -1 was added to model indicating change to a left hand thread to extractor rod. In 1962, cylinder stop was changed which disposed the need for a plunger spring hole in front of triggerguard. Change was indicated by a -2 behind model number. Note: Add 25% for 3.5- or 5-in. barrel. 300%+ premium for scarce postwar pre-1950 Transition Model. Eight engineering changes.
Gun Type: Handgun

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