S&W .32 Automatic Pistol

In 1921, it became apparent to the powers that controlled S&W that .35-caliber automatic was never going to be a commercial success. Harold Wesson, the new president, began to redesign the pistol to accept the .32 ACP, a commercially accepted cartridge, and to streamline the appearance to be more competitive with other pistols on the market, notably Colt's. This new pistol used as many parts from older models as possible for economy's sake. Pivoting barrel was discontinued, as was the cam-type safety in the rear grip strap. A magazine disconnector and a reduced-strength recoil spring to ease cocking were employed. Barrel length kept at 3.5" and 7-shot magazine was retained. Finish is blued only and grips are smooth walnut. Manufactured only 957, between 1924 and 1936. They are eagerly sought by collectors.
Gun Type: Handgun
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