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Ballard (Ball & Williams) Sporting Rifles, First Type (Serial Numbers 1-100)Ballard (R. Ball & Co.) CarbinesBallard (Merrimack Arms & Manufacturing Co.) Sporting RiflesBallard (Merrimack Arms & Manufacturing Co.) CarbinesBallard (Brown Mfg. Co.) Sporting RiflesBallard (Brown Mfg. Co.) Full-Stock Military RiflesBallard (Ball & Williams) Sporting Rifles, Second Type (Serial Numbers 200-1600, And 1600-14,000, Interspersed With Martial Production)Ballard (Ball & Williams) Sporting Rifles, Third Type (Serial Numbers 14,000-15,000)Ballard (Ball & Williams) Military Carbines (Serial Numbers 1500-7500, And 8500-10500)Ballard (Ball & Williams) "kentucky" Half-Stock RiflesBallard (Ball & Williams) "kentucky" Full-Stock RiflesBallard (Dwight, Chapin & Co.) CarbinesBallard (Dwight, Chapin & Co.) Full-Stock RiflesBallard (R. Ball & Co.) Sporting Rifles