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Model 1919Model 1923Model 1931Model 1934Model 1934Model 1935Model 418Model 949 Olympic TargetU22 Neos 4.5/6.0U22 Neos 6.0/7.5 DLXU22 Neos 6.0/7.5 Inox DLXModel 70 (Model 100)Model 71/Jaguar (Model 101)Model 76 (102)Model 950/MinxModel 950B/JetfireModel 950 Jetfire InoxModel 3032 TomcatModel 3032 Tomcat InoxModel 3032 Tomcat TitaniumAlley CatModel 951Model 20Model 21 BobcatModel 21ELModel 21 InoxModel 90Model 92Model 92FSModel 96 CombatModel 96 StockModel 92/96FS InoxModel 92/96FS CenturionModel 92FS/96 BrigadierModel 92FS/96 Brigadier InoxModel 92G-SD/96G-SDModel 92FModel 92F CompactModel 92/96 Compact "Type M"Model 92/96M Compact InoxModel 92D Compact "Type M"Model 92/96DModel 92/96 VertecModel M9 Limited EditionModel 92 BillenniumModel 92 BillenniumModel 92 BillenniumM9A1Model 92/96 Custom CarryModel 92/96 Border MarshallModel 92G/96G EliteModel 92G Elite IIModel 92FS Inox TacticalModel 8000/8040/8045 CougarModel 8000/8040/8045 Mini CougarModel 8000F—Cougar LModel 9000FModel 9000DModel 9000SModel 9000SModel 84/CheetahModel 85/CheetahModel 86/CheetahModel 87/CheetahModel 87 TargetModel 89/Gold StandardModel PX4 Storm PistolModel PX4 Storm SubcompactModel PX4 Storm SD (Special Duty)BU9 NanoPicoStampedeStampede NickelStampede DeluxeCx4 StormARX 100ARX 160Model 500 CustomModel 501Mato StandardMato DeluxeModel S689 SableSSO6SSO6 EELLModel 455Model 455 EELLModel 455 EELLBL-2/S (Speed Trigger)BL-3BL-4Silver SnipeModel 409 PBModel 424Model 426 EModel 626 OnyxModel 627 ELModel 470 Silver HawkModel 470 Silver Hawk ELModel 471 Silver HawkModel 486 ParalleloSO-2SO-3SO-4 SO-5 TrapSO-5 Sporting ClaysSO-5 Sporting ClaysSO-5 SkeetSO-6 ELSO-6 ELSO-6 EELLSO-6 EELLSO-6 EESSSO-6 EESSSO-7SO-10Jubilee Field Grade (Giubileo)Jubilee Field Grade (Giubileo)Jubilee Field Grade (Giubileo)Jubilee Field Grade (Giubileo)Jubilee II (Giublio)ASE Deluxe SportingDianaModel 452 EELLWhite OnyxOnyx Pro682 Gold Skeet682 4 Barrel Set682 Gold Sporting682 Super Trap682 Top Single Super Trap682 Top Single Trap682 Top Combo682 Gold Trap with Adjustable Stock682 Gold Skeet with Adjustable StockS682 Gold E TrapS682 Gold E TrapS682 Gold E Trap ComboS682 Gold E SkeetS682 Gold E SportingModel 685686/686 Silver Perdiz Sporting686 Essential/Silver Essential686 Ultra Light Onyx686 Onyx686 L/686 Silver Perdiz686 Silver Pigeon686 Silver Pigeon686E Sporting686 EL/Gold Perdiz686 Hunter Sport686 Whitewing686 Blackwing686 Sporting Combo686 Quail Unlimited 2002 Covey Limited EditionUltralightUltralightUltralight Deluxe687 Silver Pigeon II687 Silver Pigeon Sporting687 Silver Pigeon II SportingSilver Pigeon S Combo687 Silver Pigeon IV687 EL/687 Gold Pigeon687 EL Gold Pigeon Sporting687 EELL/Diamond Pigeon687 EELL/Diamond Pigeon687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Skeet687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Skeet687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Skeet687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Sporting687 EELL King RanchModel 692ASE 90 TrapModel SL-2Pigeon SeriesDT 10 Trident TrapDT 10 Trident Trap Combo TopDT 10 Trident Trap Bottom SingleDT 10 Trident SkeetDT 10 Trident SportingAL-2Model 301Model 1200 Field GradeModel 1200 RiotModel 1201Model 1201Model 302Model Vittoria/PintailES100 Pintail SyntheticES100 Pintail Rifled SlugES100 NWTF Special CamoModel A-303Model A-303 Slug GunModel A-303 Youth GunAL390 Super TrapAL390 NWTF Special YouthAL390 CamoAL390 NWTF Special CamoAL390 NWTF Special SyntheticSuper TrapModel 3901Model 3901 RLModel 3901 CamoModel 3901 Target RLUrikaUrika SyntheticUrika GoldUrika GoldUrika SportingUrika Parallel Target RL/SLUrika OptimaUrika Synthetic OptimaUrika Optima CamoUrika 2 X-Tra GrainUrika 2 GoldAL391 RingneckAL391 TeknysAL391 Teknys GoldAL391 Teknys King RanchAL391 Xtrema 3.5AL391 Xtrema2