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New Model BlackhawkNew Model Blackhawk FlattopNew Model Blackhawk Bisley50th Anniversary New Model Blackhawk Nvb34-50Stainless Steel Blackhawk (New Model)Blackhawk Convertible (New Model)Blackhawk Convertible (New Model)Blackhawk Convertible (New Model)Fiftieth Anniversary .44 Magnum Flattop New Model BlackhawkModel Srm Blackhawk .357 MaximumStainless Steel 1 of 5,000Super Blackhawk (New Model)Super Blackhawk Stainless SteelSuper Blackhawk Hunter50th Anniversary Matched Set .357 And .44 MagnumBisley ModelShootists BisleyOld Army Percussion RevolverOld Army Stainless SteelRuger VaqueroRuger Bisley VaqueroRuger Vaquero Bird's-Head"cowboy Pair"Ruger New VaqueroSass Vaquero SetRuger New Model Bisley VaqueroNew Ruger Bearcat (Super Bearcat)New Model Super BearcatFiftieth Anniversary New BearcatSecurity SixSpeed SixModels 737, 738, 739Gp-100Gp-100 StainlessGp-100 Match ChampionSp-101Sp-101 Spurless-HammerRedhawkRedhawk Stainless SteelRedhawk 4-Inch .45 Colt (2008)Redhawk .45 Acp/.45 ColtRedhawk .357 MagnumSuper RedhawkSuper Redhawk AlaskanPolice Service-SixModel 707 And 708Lcr Lightweight Compact RevolverModel Mk450LcrxP-85Kp85Kp89xP89Kp89P89dcKp89dcKp89daoModel Mk6Kp90Kp90dcP90Kp91dcKp91daoP93dKp93dcKp93daoKp94Kp94dcModel Kmk4P94Kp94daoKp944Kp944dcKp944daoP95Kp95dcP95daoKp95daoKp97dModel Kmk6Kp97daoKp345Kp345prSr9 / Sr40Sr459ESr22Lcp (Lightweight Compact Pistol)Lcp Crimson TraceLc9Lc380American PistolSr 1911Sr 1911 Lw Cmdr.10/22 Standard Carbine With Walnut Stock10/22 Standard Carbine Stainless SteelTarget Model10/22 Magnum10/22 Sporter (Finger Groove Old Model)10/22 Deluxe Sporter10/22 International Carbine10/22 International Carbine (New Model)10/22t10/22tnz10/22 Canadian CentennialStandard Model "red Eagle Grips"Stainless Steel Target Model10/22 Laminated Stock Carbine10/22 Laminated Stock Sporter10/22 Laminated Stock International10/22 All Weather10/22 Carbine 40th Anniversary10/22 50th Anniversary10/22 Compact Rifle 10/22 CrrK10/22t Ruger 10/22 Target Stainless10/22-TGovernment Model10/22rpfcarh (Lipsey's Distributor's Special)10/22vleh Target Tactical10/22 TakedownModel 10/17Sr-22 RifleModel 44 CarbineDeerstalker ModelModel 44 RsModel 44 Sporter (Finger Groove Old Model)Model 44 International CarbineStainless Steel Government ModelModel 44 25th Anniversary ModelModel 99/44 Deerfield CarbineMini-14Mini-14 Stainless SteelMini-14 TargetMini-14 RanchMini-14 Stainless All-Weather RanchMini-14 NraMini-14 Ati StockMini-14 TacticalCompetition Model Kmk678gcSr-556Ar-556Sr-762Mini-ThirtyMini-Thirty Stainless With Synthetic StockGb ModelPc4/pc9 CarbineNo. 1 Light Sporter (1-A)No, 1 Light Standard (1-Ab)No. 1 Standard (1-B)No. 1 Standard Stainless (1-B-Bbz)Bull Barrel Model Mk4bNo. 1 Tropical (1-H)No. 1 International (1-Rsi)No. 1 Medium Sporter (1-S)No. 1 Special Varminter (1-V)No. 1 Stainless Varminter (1-V-Bbz)No. 3 CarbineModel 77-R/rsModel 77-RsModel 77 Flat BoltModel 77 Rl & RlsModel 77v VarmintModel 77 RsiModel 77 Rs AfricanModel 77/17Model 77/17 SyntheticModel 77/17 VarmintModel 77/17rm2Model 77/17rm2 Stainless SteelModel 77/22Kp4Model 77/22 Synthetic StockModel 77/22 Stainless Steel/synthetic StockModel 77/22 VarmintModel 77/22mModel 77/22m Stainless SteelModel 77/22—.22 HornetModel K77/22vhzModel 77r MkiiModel 77rp MkiiModel 77rs MkiiKp514Model 77rsp MkiiModel 77rsi MkiiModel 77rl MkiiModel 77lr MkiiModel 77rlp MkiiModel 77vt MkiiModel 77rbz MkiiModel 77rsbz MkiiModel 77cr Mkii Compact RifleModel 77 Express MkiiKp512Model 77 Magnum Mkii RsmM77 Mkii Frontier RifleGuide GunGunsite ScoutModel 77/44rsModel 77/44rspModel 77/357Hm77r HawkeyeM77 Hawkeye Ultra-LightM77 Hawkeye All-Weather Ultra-LightM77 Hawkeye CompactP4M77 Hawkeye Laminate CompactM77 Hawkeye All-WeatherM77prcm Hawkeye Compact MagnumM77rcm Hawkeye Compact MagnumM77 Hawkeye Magnum Hunter22/45 Threaded BarrelM77 Hawkeye AlaskanM77 Hawkeye AfricanM77 Hawkeye TacticalM77 Hawkeye PredatorM77 Hawkeye InternationalStandard ModelP512M77 Hawkeye Varmint TargetAmerican RifleAmerican Rifle CompactAmerican Rifle All-Weather StainlessAmerican Rifle Predator22/45 LiteAmrican Rifle RanchRuger Precision RifleAmerican Rimfire RifleStandard PistolHunterCompetitionMark III 22/45 Standard PistolMark III 22/45 StainlessMark III 512 PistolMark III 22/45 HunterMark III 22/45 PistolMk Iv TargetMk Iv CompetitionMk Iv 22/45 LiteStandard Model—marked "hecho En Mexico"ChargerModel 77/50rsModel 77/50rsoModel 77/50rsbbzModel 77/50rspCharger — New ModelSingle Six RevolverFlat Gate ModelContoured Gate ModelSpanish Engraved (Serial No. 7 And 8; And 5100 To 5119)All Blue Jerred EngravedStandard Jerred EngravedSingle Six ConvertibleSingle Six .22 Magnum ModelLightweight Single SixMark I Target ModelModel 96/17Model 96/22Model 96/22mModel 96/44Super Single SixSuper Single SixSuper Single SixBearcat (Old Model)Super Bearcat (Old Model)Red Label Early ProductionRed Label 2014 ModelRed Label Sporting ClaysRed Label All-WeatherRed Label Series — Hand EngravedRed Label EngravedRed Label All-Weather EngravedWoodside Over/underTrap ModelFlattop—.357 MagnumBlackhawk Flattop .44 MagnumBlackhawkBlackhawk ConvertibleGold Label Side-By-SideSuper Blackhawk Old ModelSuper Blackhawk Old ModelSuper Blackhawk Old ModelSuper Blackhawk Old ModelSuper Blackhawk Old ModelHawkeye Single-ShotSuper Single Six Convertible (New Model)Stainless Steel Single Six ConvertibleNew Model Single Six (.22 Lr Only) "star" ModelFixed Sight New Model Single SixColorado Centennial Single SixModel "ssm" Single SixNew Model Single Six .32 H&rNew Model Single Six 50th Anniversary ModelNew Model Super Single SixNew Model Super Single Six, .17 HmrNew Model Single Six Hunter ConvertibleSingle-TenSingle-NineSingle SevenBuckeye Special