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Merrimack Arms Co. And Brown&break;manufacturing Co. (Ballards)Model 336Model 39Model 900 SeriesBall & Williams Ballards

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Sporting RifleModel 40Model 47Model 1936, Rifle Or CarbineModel 36 Rifle Or Carbine (1937-1948)Model 36 Rifle Or Carbine (1937-1948)Model 36 Rifle Or Carbine (1937-1948)Model 36 Sporting CarbineModel 36a-Dl RifleSporting CarbineModel 336 Carbine (R.C. Regular Carbine)Model 336cModel 336aModel 336adlModel 336sc (Sporting Carbine)Model 336sd (Sporting Deluxe Carbine)Model 336 Microgroove ZipperModel 336t (Texan)Model 336dtModel 336 "marauder"Military RifleModel 336 .44 MagnumModel 336 "centennial"1970 100th Year Commemorative Matched PairModel 336 "zane Grey Century"Model 336 OctagonModel 336er (Extra Range)Model 336cModel 336ssModel 336ltsModel 336 CowboyShotgunModel 336mModel 336ccModel 336wModel 336y "spike Horn"Model 336xlrModel 336blModel 30asModel 375Model 444Model 444sModel 444ssModel 444p OutfitterModel 444xlrModel 1894Model 1894 Octagon BarrelModel 1894 SporterModel 1894pModel 1894csModel 1894mBallard Hunters RifleModel 1894sModel 1894cl (Classic)Model 1894cl (Classic) NewModel 1894 Century LimitedModel 1894 Century Limited Employee EditionModel 1894 CowboyModel 1894 Cowboy 32Model 1894 Cowboy IIModel 1894cpModel 1894ssBallard No. 1 Hunters RifleModel 1894pgModel 1894fgModel 1894 CowboyMarlin 1894 DeluxeMarlin 1894cssMarlin 1894 CsblModel 1895 And 1895ssModel 1895mModel 1895 Century LimitedModel 1895 Century Limited Employee EditionModel 1895g Guide GunBallard No. 1-1/2 Hunters RifleModel 1895gs Guide GunModel 1895 CowboyModel 1895xlrModel 1895mxlrModel 1895 SblrModel 1895gblModel 308mxlrModel 308mxModel 338mxlrModel 338mxBallard No. 1-3/4 "far West" Hunters RifleModel 1897 Century LimitedModel 1897 Century Limited Employee EditionModel 1897 CowboyModel 1897 Annie OakleyModel 1897 TexanGlenfield Lever-Action RiflesModel 30awModel 39Ballard No. 2 Sporting RifleModel 39aModel 39a MountieModel 39a 1960 Presentation ModelBallard No. 3 Gallery RifleModel 39m Mountie 1960 Presentation ModelModel 39adlGolden 39a (1960-1983)Golden 39a (1984-2015)Model 39a FancyModel 39 CarbineModel 39 Century LimitedModel 39a Article IIModel 39m Article IIModel 39a OctagonModel 39m OctagonModel 39dBallard No. 3f Gallery RifleModel 39tdsModel 39awlModel 56 LevermaticModel 56 "clipper King" LevermaticModel 57 LevermaticModel 57m LevermaticModel 62 LevermaticModel 70p "papoose"Ballard No. 4 Perfection RifleModel 70pssModel 70hcModel 9 Camp CarbineModel 9nModel 45 Camp CarbineModel 922mModel 995Model 995ssModel 990lModel 7000Ballard No. 3-1/2 Target RifleModel 7000tModel 795Model 795ssModel 60Model 60ssModel 60snModel 60s-CfModel 60sbModel 60sskModel 60cBallard No. 4-1/2 Mid Range RifleModel 60dlModel 60dlxModel 2000Model 2000aModel 2000lModel 880Model 880ssModel 880sqModel 881Model 882ssBallard No. 4-1/2 A-1 Mid Range Target RifleModel 25nModel 25ncModel 25mnModel 25mncModel 17vModel 17vsModel 15yn "little Buckaroo"Model 15nModel 15ys (Youth)Model 81tsBallard No. 5 Pacific RifleModel 882Model 882lModel 882ssModel 882ssvModel 83tsModel 883Model 883nModel 883ssModel 717m2Ballard No. 5-1/2 Montana RifleModel 983tModel 983sModel 983Model 917Model 917vModel 917vrModel 917vsModel 917vs-CfModel 917vsfModel 917vtBallard No. 6 Schuetzen Off Hand RifleModel 917vstModel 917m2Model 917m2sModel 982sModel 982lModel 982Model 982vsModel 982vs-CfModel 925mModel 925rmBallard No. 6 Schuetzen RifleModel 925mcModel 980vModel 980sModel 980s-CfModel 981tModel 981tsModel 925Model 925rModel 925cModel 915y CompactFirst ModelBallard No. 6-1/2 Off Hand Mid Range RifleModel 915ys CompactModel 322Model 422Model 455Model Mr-7Model Mr-7bModel Xl7Model Xl7cModel Xs7 Short-ActionModel Xs7y Youth RifleBallard No. 6-1/2 Rigby Off Hand Mid Range RifleModel Xs7c CamoModel Xs7sModel Xl7Model 1898Ballard No. 6-1/2 Off Hand RifleModel 16Model 17Model 17 Brush GunModel 17 Riot GunModel 19Ballard No. 7 "creedmore A-1" Long Range RifleModel 21 "trap"Model 24Ballard No. 7 Long Range RifleMarlin "trap Gun"Model 26Model 26 Brush GunModel 26 Riot GunModel 28 HammerlessBallard No. 7a-1 Long Range RifleModel 28ts Trap GunModel 28t Trap GunModel 30Model 30 Field GradeBallard No. 7a-1 Extra Grade Long Range RifleModel 31Model 42/42aModel 43aModel 43tModel 43tsModel 44aBallard No. 8 Union Hill RifleModel 44sModel 49Model 53Model 63Model 63tModel 63tsPremier Mark IPremier Mark IIPremier Mark IvModel 120Ballard No. 9 Union Hill RifleModel 778 (Glenfield)Model 60 Single-Barrel ShotgunModel 90 Over/under ShotgunModel .410 Lever-Action Shotgun (Original)Model .410 Deluxe (Original)Model .410 (New)Model 410xlr 410 XlrModel 50dlModel 55Model 55 Swamp GunBallard No. 10 Schuetzen Junior RifleModel 55 Goose GunModel 55s Slug GunModel 5510 Goose GunModel 55gdlModel 512 SlugmasterModel 512dl SlugmasterModel 512pModel 25mgModel Lc410-DbMilitary RifleModel Lc28-DbModel Lc12-DbModel Lc20-DbModel Lc12-OuModel Lc20-OuModel Mls-50/541st Model DerringerO.K. Model DerringerVictor Model DerringerNevermiss Model DerringerStonewall Model DerringerO.K. Pocket RevolverCivil War Military CarbineLittle Joker RevolverMarlin Xxx Standard 1872 Pocket RevolverMarlin Xx Standard 1873 Pocket RevolverSporting RifleMarlin No. 32 Standard 1875 Pocket RevolverMarlin 38 Standard 1878 Pocket RevolverMarlin 1887 Double-Action RevolverModel 1881 Lever-Action RifleModel 1881 Lever-Action RifleModel 1888 Lever-Action RifleModel 1889 Lever-Action RifleSporting CarbineModel 1891 Lever-Action RifleModel 1892 Lever-Action RifleModel 1893 Lever-Action RifleDual Ignition SystemModel 1894 Lever-Action RifleModel 1895 Lever-Action RifleModel 1897 Lever-Action RifleModel 18Model 20Model 25Model 27Model 27sModel 29Model 32Model 37Model 38