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Model No. 1Trapper(Model Not Given)Topper (Old Production)Model 088Model 099Model 162Model 176Model 400Model 401Model 402Self-LoaderModel 440Model 442Model 403Model 404Pardner Pump Field Gun Full-Dip CamoExcellExcell WaterfowlExcell TurkeyExcell ComboPinnacleFirst Model Hand EjectorModel 1212Long Tom ClassicH&r/nef Handi-Rifle/slug Gun ComboModel 058Model 258Reising Model 60Model 65 Military (Model 58c)Model 150Model 155 (Shikari)Model 1 Double-Action RevolverModel 157Model 158Model 300 UltraModel 301 CarbineModel 317 Ultra WildcatH&r Handi-Rifle (Current Production)H&r SurvivorSyntheticStainlessSynthetic Handi-Rifle/slug Gun ComboSuperlite CompactModel 2Ultra Varmint RifleUltra Varmint ThumbholeStainless Steel Ultra Varmint ThumbholeUltra Varmint FlutedModel 317pUltra Rifle—huntingHarrington & Richardson/new England Firearms Stainless Ultra Hunter With Thumbhole StockUltra Rifle—varmintUltra .22 Magnum RifleUltra Rifle—compKnife ModelUltra Rifle Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation CommemorativeSportster .17 HmrSportsterSportster CompactBuffalo ClassicWesson & Harrington Brand 125th Anniversary RifleUltra Rifle Whitetails Unlimited 1997 Commemorative EditionCr CarbineModel 333Model 340Model 922 First IssueModel 360 Ultra AutomaticModel 451 MedalistModel 700Model 700 DlModel 750Model 865Model 5200Model 5200 Sporter100th Anniversary Officer's ModelCuster Memorial IssueTarget ModelModel 171Model 171-DlModel 174Model 178.22 SpecialExpertModel No. 1-1/2No. 199 SportsmanUltra SportsmanDefenderNew Defender.22 U.S.R.A./model 195 Single-Shot Match Target Pistol.22 U.S.R.A./model 195 Single-Shot Match Target Pistol.22 U.S.R.A./model 195 Single-Shot Match Target PistolModel 504Model 532Model 586Model No. 2-1/2Model 603Model 604Model 622Model 623Model 632Model 642Model 649Model 650Model 660Model 666Model No. 3-1/2Model 676Model 686Model 732Model 733Model 900Model 901Model 903Model 904Model 905Model 922 Second IssueModel No. 4-1/2Model 923Model 925Model 935Model 929Model 929 Sidekick—new ModelModel 929 Sidekick Trapper EditionModel 930Model 939 Ultra SidekickModel 939 PremierModel 940Model 1880Model 949Model 949 WesternModel 950Model 976Model 999 SportsmanModel 999 EngravedAmtec 2000Hammerless Doublethe American Double-ActionHarrich No. 1Single-Barrel ShotgunsTurkey MagYouth Turkey GunTopper (New Production)Topper DeluxeTopper Jr. In 20 Gauge And .410 Bore Onlythe Young America Double-ActionTopper Jr. ClassicTopper Deluxe SlugTopper Deluxe ClassicTopper Trap GunTamerUltra Slug HunterUltra Slug Hunter Deluxe 20 GaugeUltra Slug Hunter Deluxe 12 GaugeUltra Slug Youth ModelHunterUltra Slug Hunter Bull BarrelUltra Slug Hunter Thumbhole StockUltra Slug Youth Bull BarrelUltra Lite Slug HunterCamo Laminate Turkey Nwtf EditionCamo Laminate Turkey Youth Nwtf EditionH&r Handy-Gun (Rifled Barrel) Curio Or RelicH&r Handy-Gun (Smooth Bore) Nfa, Curio Or Relic