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Model 1911 U.S. Military SeriesModel 1911a1 U.S. Military SeriesCommander SeriesXse Series Model O PistolsFirst SeriesSecond SeriesThird Series

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Model 1839 ShotgunRichards Conversion, 1860 Army RevolverRichards-Mason Conversion, 1860 Army RevolverRichards-Mason Conversions 1851 Navy RevolverRichards-Mason Conversion 1861 Navy RevolverModel 1839 CarbineModel 1862 Police And Pocket Navy ConversionsModel 1871-1872 Open Top RevolverModel 1839/1848 CarbineFirst Model DerringerSecond Model DerringerThird Model DerringerHouse Model RevolverModel 1854 Russian Contract MusketOpen Top Pocket RevolverNew Line Revolver .22New Line Revolver .30New Line Revolver .32Walker Model RevolverNew Line Revolver .38New Line Revolver .41New House Model RevolverNew Police Revolver1st Year Production "pinched Frame" 1873 OnlyEarly Military Model 1873-1877Early Civilian Model 1873-1877Civilian Walker Revolver.44 Rimfire Model 1875-1880Late Military Model 1878-1891Artillery Model 1895-1903London ModelFrontier Six-Shooter 1878-1882Sheriff's Or Storekeeper's Model 1882-1898Flattop Target Model 1888-1896Bisley Model 1894-1915Bisley Model Flattop Target 1894-1913Standard Civilian Production Models 1876-1898Whitneyville Hartford DragoonStandard Production Pre-War Models (1899-1940)Long Fluted Cylinder Model (1913-1915)Standard Post-War Model (1956-1975)Sheriff's Model (1960-1975)Walker Replacement DragoonBuntline Special (1957-1975)New Frontier (1961-1975)New Frontier Buntline Special (1962-1967)Sheriff's Model 3rd GenerationFirst Model DragoonBuntline Special 3rd GenerationNew Frontier 3rd GenerationStandard Single Action Army Optional Features:Colt Cowboy (Cb1850)Colt Single Action Army "legend Rodeo"Frontier Six Shooter (2008)Sheriff's And Storekeeper's Model (2008)175th Anniversary Saa Limited EditionNew Frontier Third Generation, Current ProductionFrontier Scout (1957-1971)Peacemaker & New Frontier .22Scout Model Saa (1962-1971)Berdan Single-Shot RifleColt-Franklin Military RifleColt-Burgess Lever-Action RiflePocket Or Baby Paterson Model No. 1Lightning Slide-Action, Medium-FrameLightning Slide-Action Small-FrameSecond Model DragoonLightning Slide-Action, Large-Frame (Express)Model 1878 Double-Barrel ShotgunModel 1883 Double-Barrel ShotgunDouble-Barrel RifleModel 1877 "lightning" And "thunderer"Model 1878 "frontier"Model 1902 (Philippine Or Alaskan Model)Model 1889 Navy—civilian ModelModel 1889 U.S. Navy—martial ModelModel 1892 "new Army And Navy" —civilian ModelModel 1892 "new Army And Navy" —civilian ModelModel 1892 "new Army And Navy" —civilian ModelModel 1892 "new Army And Navy" —civilian ModelModel 1905 Marine CorpsNew Service ModelShooting Master, #333000-350000Shooting Master, #333000-350000New Pocket ModelPocket PositiveArmy Special ModelNew Police ModelThird Model DragoonPolice PositivePolice Positive TargetPolice Positive SpecialPolice Positive Special Mark VOfficer's Model Target 1st IssueOfficer's Model Target 2nd IssueCamp Perry Single-ShotOfficer's Model MatchOfficer's Model MatchOfficial PoliceCommando ModelMarshal ModelColt .38 Sf-ViColt .38 Sf-Vi Special LadyDetective Special 1st Issue / 2nd IssueDetective Special 3rd IssueDetective Special II (Ds-Ii)Colt Magnum CarryBanker's SpecialCobra 1st IssueCobra 2nd IssueCobra (Current Production)Agent 1st IssueBorder PatrolAgent L.W. 2nd IssueAircrewman SpecialCourierTrooperColt .357 MagnumDiamondbackViperPythonPython ElitePython .38 SpecialPython HunterPython SilhouettePython Ten PointerPython GrizzlyMetropolitan Mk IIILawman Mk IIILawman Mk VTrooper Mk IIITrooper Mk VBoaPeacekeeperKing CobraAnacondaBelt Model Paterson No. 2Model 1900Model 1902 Sporting PistolModel 1902 Military PistolModel 1903 Pocket Hammer PistolModel 1903 Hammerless, .32 Pocket Pistol (Model M)Model 1903 Hammerless, .32 Pocket Pistol (Model M)Model 1908 Hammerless .380 Pocket PistolModel 1908 Hammerless .25 Vest Pocket ModelHartford English DragoonModel 1905 .45 Automatic PistolEarly Colt 1911 "commercial Government Model"Standard Colt "1911 Commercial Model" With Un-Numbered SlideStandard Colt 1911 Commercial "government Model" With Numbered SlideModel 1848 Baby DragoonColt 1911 Commercial "government Model" Argentine ContractsColt 1911 Commercial "government Model" Russian OrderColt 1911 Commercial "government Model" Canadian ContractColt 1911 Commercial "government Model" British ContractNorwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Pistol Model 1912 (Extremely Rare)Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Pistol Model 1914Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Model 1914 (Copy)Colt 1912Colt 1913-1915Colt 1917-1918Springfield Armory 1914-1916Remington-Umc 1918-1919North American Arms 1918Standard Colt "1911a1 Commercial Government Model" Domestic SalesStandard Colt "1911a1 Commercial Government Model" Export SalesArgentine Colt-Made 1911a1 Model Pistols Without Swartz SafetiesBrazilian, Mexican, And Other South American (Except Argentina)Colt National Match Caliber .45, Pre-Wwii, .45 (Without Swartz Safeties)Swartz Safeties, Pre-Wwii, Firing Pin And Hammer/searStandard Colt 1911a1 Commercial "government &break;model" Marked Pistol With Numbered Slide And Swartz &break;safetiesColt National Match Caliber Pre-Wwii, .45. Pre-Wwii (With "swartz Safeties")Standard 1911a1 Pre-Wwii, "government Model" Export SalesNormal Brazilian And Mexican PistolsArgentine Contract Pistols "modelo Argentino 1927, Calibre .45"Military To Commercial ConversionsSuper .38 1929 Model, Pre-WwiiSuper Match .38 1935 Model, Pre-WwiiColtIthacaRemington RandUnion Switch & SignalSinger Mfg. Co.Sn C220,000 To About C220,500Sn C220,500 To About C249,000 Verified Proof And "government Model" MarkingSn 255,000-C To About 258,000-C Slide Factory Roll Marked "property of the State of New York", Verified Proof, And "government Model" Marking (250 Pistols Total)Sn 249,500-C To About 335,000-C, Verified Proof And "government Model" MarkingModel 1849 Pocket RevolverSn 334,500-C To About 336,169-C, Bb (Barrel Bushing) MarkedAce Model .22 PistolPre-1945 Service Model Ace .22 R. F. PistolService Model Ace-Post-WarLondon Model 1849 Pocket RevolverConversion Units .22-.45, .45-.22Military National Match .45 PistolsMilitary National Match Pistols (Drake Slide)Gold Cup National Match (Pre-Series 70)Gold Cup Mkiii National MatchColt 1911a1 Amu (Army Marksmanship Unit)Model 1851 Navy RevolverArgentine D.G.F.M.Argentine-Made Ballester MolinaBrazilian Models 1911a1Mkiv Series 70 Government ModelMkiv Series 70 Gold Cup National MatchSeries 70 Gunsite PistolSeries 70 Gunsite Pistol CommanderModel 1851 Navy RevolverCombat CommanderMk Iv Series 80 Government ModelColt 1991a1M1991a1 CommanderM1991a1 CompactM1991a1 .38 SuperBelt Model Paterson No. 3Model 1851 Navy RevolverMk Iv Series 80 Gold Cup National MatchOfficer's AcpLightweight Officer's AcpModel 1851 Navy RevolverConcealed Carry Officer's ModelDelta Gold CupDelta EliteCombat EliteCombat Target ModelCombat Target ModelCombat Target ModelSpecial Combat GovernmentSpecial Combat Government Carry ModelClose Quarters Battle (Cqb) PistolXse Model O Government (01070xs)Xse Model O Concealed Carry Officer's (09850xs)Xse Model O Commander (04012xs)Xse Model O Lightweight Commander (04860xs)Colt DefenderColt Defender Model O (07000d)1911 – Wwi Replica1911 - Wwi 1918 Replica1911a1 - Wwii ReplicaColt New Agent Double Action OnlyColt Model 1991 DaoColt Model 1911 100th Anniversary SeriesGunsite Model 1911Colt Government Model 1911 .22 Lr SeriesColt Concealed CarryNew AgentColt Rail GunShoulder Stock VariationsCompetition PistolGold Cup TrophyDouble EagleDouble Eagle Officer's ModelDouble Eagle Combat CommanderDouble Eagle First EditionPocket NineTac NineMustangMustang PocketliteMustang LiteGovernment Pocketlite LwMustang Pocketlite XspMustang Plus IIColt PonyColt Pony Pocketlite.380 Series 80 Government ModelColt Cz40Colt Model 2000Pre-WoodsmanWoodsman TargetWoodsman SportWoodsman Match TargetMilitary Woodsman Match TargetWoodsman Target 6" BarrelWoodsman Sport 4.5" BarrelWoodsman Match Target 6" BarrelWoodsman Match Target 4.5" BarrelChallenger 4.5" BarrelChallenger 6" BarrelWoodsman Target 6" BarrelWoodsman Sport 4.5" BarrelLondon Model 1851 Navy RevolverWoodsman Match Target 6" BarrelWoodsman Match Target 4.5" BarrelHuntsman 6" Or 4.5" BarrelTargetsman 6" BarrelColt Junior Pocket ModelCadet / Colt .22Colt .22 TargetColteer I-22StagecoachCourierColteerColt "57" Bolt-Action RifleColtsman Bolt-Action RifleColtsman Pump ShotgunSemi-Automatic ShotgunDouble-Barrel ShotgunColt Light RifleColt Sauer Bolt-Action RifleEhlers Model Pocket PatersonColt Sauer Short ActionColt Model 2012 Sa308Colt Sauer DrillingColt-Sharps RifleAr-15 Sporter (Model #6000)Ar-15 Sporter W/collapsible Stock (Model #6001)Ar-15 Carbine (Model #6420)Ar-15 9mm Carbine (Model #6450)Ar-15a2 Sporter II (Model #6500)Ar-15a2 Government Model Carbine (Model #6520)Ar-15a2 Government Model (Model #6550)Ar-15a2 H-Bar (Model #6600)Ar-15a2 Delta H-Bar (Model #6600dh)Sporter Lightweight RifleSporter Target Model Rifle (Model #6551)Sporter Match H-Bar (Model #6601)Ar-15 (Xm16e1)Sporter Match Delta H-Bar (Model #6601 Dh)Match Target H-Bar Compensated (Model #6601c)Colt Match Target M4Sporter Competition H-Bar (Model #6700)Sporter Competition H-Bar Select W/scope (Model #6700ch)Match Target Competition H-Bar Compensated (Model #6700c)Ar-15 Carbine Flat-Top Heavyweight/match Target Competition (Model #6731)Ar-15 Tactical Carbine (Model #6721)Sporter H-Bar Elite/accurized Rifle (Model #6724)Colt Sp6920Colt Sp6940Match Target Competition H-Bar (Model 6700)Match Target LightweightMatch Target M4 CarbineModel 1855 Side Hammer "root" Pocket RevolverMatch Target H-Bar RifleColt CarbineM.A.R.C. 901Le6920Le6940Le6960Expanse M4Special Combat Government Model (Competition)Special Combat Government Model (Carry)Gold Cup CommanderU.S. Shooting Team Gold CupGold Cup TrophyMcCormick CommanderMcCormick OfficerMcCormick Factory RacerColt Classic .45 Special Edition125th Anniversary Edition PeacemakerCustom AnacondaUltimate PythonAnaconda HunterBobbed Detective SpecialLimited Class .45 AcpCompensated Model .45 AcpCompensated .45 Acp CommanderNite Lite .380Standard Tactical ModelSuperior Tactical ModelDeluxe Tactical ModelWalkerWalker Heritage ModelModel 1848 Pocket PistolModel 1862 Pocket Pistol1842 Paterson Colt No. 5 Holster ModelWalkerWalker 150th Anniversary ModelWhitneyville Hartford DragoonMarine Dragoon3rd Model Dragoon3rd Model Dragoon3rd Model DragoonCochise DragoonColt 1849 Model PocketColt 1851 Model NavyColt 1851 Model NavyColt Model 1860 ArmyColt Model 1860 ArmyColt 1860 Officer's ModelColt Model 1860 Army Gold U.S. CavalryColt Model 1860 Army Gold U.S. CavalryColt 1860 Heirloom EditionColt Model 1861 NavyColt Model 1861 NavyColt Model 1862 Pocket NavyColt Model 1862 Trapper-Pocket PoliceColt 1861 MusketColt 1861 MusketColt 1861 MusketColt 1861 MusketColt Gamemaster .50Ehlers Belt Model PatersonModel 1855 Sporting Rifle, 1st ModelModel 1855 1st Model CarbineModel 1855 Half Stock Sporting RifleModel 1855 Full Stock Military RifleModel 1855 Full Stock Sporting RifleTexas Paterson Model No. 5Model 1855 Revolving CarbineModel 1855 Artillery CarbineModel 1855 British CarbineModel 1855 Revolving ShotgunModel 1861 Single-Shot Rifled MusketModel 1860 Army RevolverFirst Model Ring Lever RifleModel 1861 Navy RevolverModel 1861 Navy RevolverSecond Model Ring Lever RifleModel 1862 Pocket Navy RevolverModel 1862 Police RevolverThuer Conversion Revolver