1st Year Production "pinched Frame" 1873 Only

It is necessary to categorize this variation on its own. This is one of the rarest and most interesting of all SAAs—not to mention that it is the first. On this model, top strap is pinched or constricted approximately .5" up from hammer to form the rear sight. Highest surviving serial number having this feature is #156, lowest #1. From these numbers it is safe to assume that the first run of SAAs were all pinched-frame models; but there is no way to tell how many there were, since Colt did not serial number the frames in the order that they were manufactured. An educated guess would be there were between 50 and 150 pinched frame guns in all and that they were all made before mid-July 1873. Reason for change came about on the recommendation of Capt. J.R. Edie, a government inspector who thought that the full fluted top strap would be a big improvement in sighting capabilities of the weapon. Barrel length of first model is 7.5"; standard caliber .45 Colt; proper grips were of walnut. Front sight blade is German silver. Needless to say, this model will rarely be encountered, and if it is, it should never be purchased without competent appraisal.
Gun Type: Handgun
Very Good$0000