Model 1839 Carbine

This model has no ring, but features an exposed hammer for cocking and rotating the 6-shot cylinder. Chambered for .525 smoothbore and comes standard with a 24" round barrel. Other barrel lengths have been noted. Finish is blued, with a browned barrel and varnished walnut stock. Cylinder is roll-engraved and barrel stamped "Patent Arms Mfg. Co. Paterson, N.J.-Colt's Pt." There were 950 manufactured from 1838-1841. Later variations of this model are found with the attached loading lever standard. Earlier models without one would bring approximately 25 percent additional. There were 360 purchased by the military and stamped "WAT" on the stock. These would be worth twice what a standard model would bring.
Gun Type: Blackpowder
Very Good$0000
Mfg Division: COLT REVOLVING LONG GUNS 1837-1847