Model 1861 Single-Shot Rifled Musket

With the advent of Civil War, Union army seriously needed military arms. Colt was given a contract to supply 112,500 1861-pattern percussion single-shot muskets. Between 1861 and 1865, 75,000 were delivered. They have 40" rifled barrels chambered for .58-caliber. Musket is equipped with military sights, sling swivels and bayonet lug. Metal finish is bright steel. Stock is oil-finished walnut. Military inspector marks are found on all major parts. "VP" over an eagle is stamped on breech along with a date. Colt address and a date are stamped on lockplate. A large number of these rifles were altered to Snyder breech loading system for Bey of Egypt.
Gun Type: Blackpowder
Production Model
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