Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver

A smaller 5-shot .36-caliber percussion revolver. Resembles configuration of 1851 Navy. Has 4.5", 5.5" or 6.5" octagonal barrel, with attached loading lever. Frame, hammer and loading lever case colored; barrel and cylinder blued. Grip frame and trigger guard silver-plated brass; one-piece grips of varnished walnut. Stagecoach holdup scene is roll-engraved on cylinder. Frame stamped "Colt's/Patent"; barrel "Address Col. Saml. Colt New-York U.S. America". Approximately 19,000 manufactured between 1861 and 1873. Serial numbered in same range as Model 1862 Police. Because a great many were used for metallic cartridge conversions, they are quite scarce today.
NOTE: London Address Model, with blued steel grip frame would be worth more than standard model. Add 50 percent. Longer barrels will bring a premium over 4.5" length.
Gun Type: Handgun
Standard Production Model
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